The Fantasy Story

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The First Cart

 Our story starts in the spring of 2005. Jim, Fantasy's owner, needed a golf cart to get around the campground he spent his weekends at. Of course he couldn't settle for a basic cart though. He spent the next couple of months building his very first golf cart. Even though he had never worked on a cart before, the end result was a work of art. Jim's friends at the campground started asking him for help with their own carts, but not quite being ready to get into the business he claimed he didn't really know what he was doing.  

custom golf cart, hand fabricated golf cart body, golf cart lift kit, club car ds

Sandra's Cart

 Four years later, Jim's wife Sandra decided that she wanted her own golf cart. Jim wanted to out do himself. Sandra's cart is nothing short of a masterpiece. It was a finalist in the Custom Cart Build Off for Golf Cart News Magazine. Once his friends seen the new cart for the first time it was no longer possible for Jim to claim he didn't know what he was doing. So that is were it all began. 


Working From Home

 Jim started working on and building carts for his friends at camp out of his garage in his spare time. He still had a full time job at this point and could only spend his nights and weekends with the golf carts. Over the next year and a half Jim built a handful of amazing carts and realized he loved the work his was doing and decided it was time to make a real effort in turning this into a career.


Fantasy Custom Golf Carts Officially Begins

 He quickly outgrew his garage and had to rent space to run the business out of. Fantasy Custom Golf Carts was officially born. During the next few years Jim continued to grow his business. He built truly custom carts that exceeded every customers expectations. Not a single one of them heard Jim say "that can't be done", a belief that we still hold today. After a few years  he decided to commit himself fully to the business. He retired from his day job so he could fully focus on golf carts.

Fantasy Custom Golf Carts Showroom

Expanding the Business

 With the amazing carts and high quality work Jim was putting out it didn't take long before he had outgrown his first building. In October of 2017 he bought the building where he is currently located in Sylvania, OH. With the increase in space came a increase in business. He needed help! He hired Dawn to help out with sales and in the office. Soon after he brought in a new mechanic, Rick,  to work on the carts in the shop. 

Rick, Dawn, and Jim from Fantasy Custom Golf Carts

Business Today

 That bring us to today. We are all dedicated to helping Jim realize his original dream, creating the best custom golf carts around. Our name was chosen with purpose. We make a promise to our customers that we will build them their dream cart! We focus on providing our customers with top notch service and the highest quality of work. You will be very happy if you bring all of your golf cart needs to Fantasy Custom Golf Carts because Nobody Does It Better!